Applied Structural Drying - Real World Training Course

Structural Drying Academy - Master Skills
I-40 Structural Dying Academy’s, Applied Structural Drying (ASD) course is designed to build upon knowledge gained during the IICRC-WRT certification process. This course teaches the methods needed to effectively manage the process of drying water-damaged structures and contents in an efficient and timely fashion. The course combines comprehensive classroom instruction and hands-on training to facilitate appropriate decision-making when faced with water-related damage. This course will enable the trainee to obtain IICRC-ASD certification. I-40 Structural Dying Academy’s ASD course is conducted over a 3-day period, a total of 21 hours of actual course instruction, with additional time required for the exam, lunch, and breaks.

Schedule Your Applied Structural Drying Training

Training will include Real World Drying Challenges
– Real concrete slab house
– Gypsum walls
– Gypsum ceilings
– Various flooring - wood, tile, and carpet
– Built-in cabinetry
Your Experience will Include the Following:
– Professional instruction
– Enhanced drying systems
– Power distribution panels
– Latest equipment, tools, and technologies
– Various extraction tools and methods
See Our Class Training Agenda!
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